I’m in Istanbul

This photo isn’t supposed to represent Istanbul. It looks like a lovely city from what I’ve seen, it’s just something I can see out of my hotel window and I really liked it. For some reason I’m a big fan of diggers knocking the crap out of things whilst standing on top of them. (I’m sure an analyst would have a field day).

Anyway I’m here to talk at the Digital Age conference. I’m talking about Big Ideas this afternoon, and quite looking forward to it.

I’ve been debating whether or not to share this picture for a day or two. But I’ve decided that it’d be rude not to. When I got sent it I laughed out loud for a while. Then I thought. Oh crap, what have I / they done…


Oh well, it’s too late now.

9 thoughts on “I’m in Istanbul”

  1. How did that whole crazy design along with the photo come about? Did they Photoshop it or trawl the ClubPub Flickr set?

  2. that’s almost too awesome.

    let me know what it’s like – i think i have a gig there next year…


  3. This made me burst i need to clean my screen

    i hope they weren’t to disappointed to see you with your new haircut


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