Flickr Unleashes the Might of the Animated GIF

I just went to enable Flickr Stats so that I could see what’s been going on in my world of photos. And imagine my surprise and joy when the ‘processing stats’ page threw up an assortment of the finest in old-skool animated giffery…

This page:


Offered up this:

And this:

And this:

In rotation.

But it made me wonder… I get the joke. Some of the people I know would get the joke. And lots of the folk on Flickr would get the joke. But what happens to the people who don’t get it? Does it matter? If you were a ‘design’ person who didn’t get the reference would you just think it was a bit of duff design. Or would you even notice? Or does everyone get what Flickr are doing? Or am I thinking too much again?

6 thoughts on “Flickr Unleashes the Might of the Animated GIF”

  1. the spectrum of your eye is wider then the spectrum of most eyes.

    or something like that. is. what. i´m trying. to. say.

    going for some coffee…

  2. Given the large majority of Myspace profiles offer at least one animated gif, or sparkle-action, I think if you don’t get it, you’re probably just going to think it’s cool. And maybe download it to spiff up your Myspace.

  3. i think they made this for those who get it and for those who don’t. one thing is for sure, if you know how the flickr team talks and how they connect via their copy on the site, you’d figure out in a flash this was just them being them.

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