A New Design

Sophie’s away. So I spent most of the weekend geeking out and re-building my blog. I learned a lot of CSS stuff. But it did quite often feel like it was the boss of me rather than the other way round. Which I’m sure isn’t how it’s meant to be.

But I think it’s mostly working again, There’s still a few more yellow highlights than I wanted. I’m hoping I can find a helpful person at work to help me to get my head around the bits I couldn’t figure out on my own.

Anyway I hope the new look doesn’t make anyone feel too sick…

13 thoughts on “A New Design”

  1. Zee, I think you might be right :-)
    Thank you.

    I’ll wake up with fresh eyes tomorrow – I hope!

  2. I’m digging it, even the yellow bits. Am considering stealing it.

    And I’m somewhat sure that CSS bosses around perhaps 90% of the web-developing folks out there. At least when you mix CSS with IE.

  3. Nicer layout, but maybe keep the highlights just for the in-post links (and of course the blogroll link to Playpen). It’s all screaming at me a bit: “Click me!”, “No! Click me!”, “No me!”.

    I know what you mean about the whole CSS experience. I have the same level of fiddling about until it works rather than archly handling the whole thing. The Designers Review of Books has been delayed by my crapness.

  4. I like being bossing around by tools, that’s the way it should be. The best creative tools e.g. marble&chisel, fimo, powerpoint, paint, demand respect of their limitations and language, and require a 2-way dialogue with the artist, from whence comes the creativity. or something.

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