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I’ve fallen deeply in love with a web application. I’m going to write a mega-post on why I think that is the greatest thing in the known universe. But I don’t have time just now.

It’s like the best bits of, twitter, and muxtape all rolled into one. And it plays nicely with all the web stuff it ought to.

There’s a couple of areas that could be slightly tighter IMHO, but then that’s always the case isn’t it. And if you have got a suggestion they’ve got a brilliant way of capturing that too.

Suffice to say, get over there, give it a go and join in:

16 thoughts on “ is F**king Awesome”

  1. Wow! That’s funking awesome! That’s gonna kill off my already unproductive day for sure.

  2. i’m still not sure exactly how this is supposed to work.

    Is it:

    a) tuning into other people
    b) sharing your own taste

    i do like it, i’m just not sure how to get the most out / put the best in. it seems to be both, do we need them rolled into one?

    feedback system: v.good

  3. ummm… I don’t get it. I never liked twitter anyway… and how are you meant to input your own taste if there’s no plugin for iTunes / WinAmp etc…?

  4. Nice catch Iain, I’m a convert already.. It’s Friday afternoon in Australia and your DnB styles are going down a treat.

  5. Hey, thanks for the awesome write up! I’m one of the developers at, so it’s cool to come across a post like this.

    Let me know your thoughts on improvements, or email me when you publish the mega-post so I can come back and read it. We try to make sure everything really comfortable to use, but that doesn’t mean we get it right all the time. Would be happy to get your feedback.

    BTW: We just added (like 30 min ago) a way for people to give each other “props” to make things more engaging, let me know what you think.

    Thanks again Iain, this made my day.

    -ian (fuzzygroove)

  6. Fail to see the point if I have to manually tell it what I’m listening to. Surely Last FM’s iScrobbler makes that infinitely better?

  7. if they can only figure out how i can stream it over to my wifi speakers, then i’d be happy all day at the office.

  8. I love it.
    The point is that you don’t have “to tell” what music you are listening outside of the applicazion/site. You simply listen to the music INSIDE the application/site…
    Not too many features like (where you CAN’T listen to the whole song).
    On the other hand, the search feature is somewhat ridicolous… If I search for “Gregori”, I don’t want to find “Gregory” and if I look for “The The”, I don’t want to find all the songs containing one “The” (basically, 95%…).

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