All Comments Are Not Created Equal


Sometimes blog posts just write themselves.

Today I got two comments that obviously resulted from smart, online-aware people seeing what’s been written about a topic on the web. One of them is fantastic. The other one terrible.

The fantastic one is from Shlom at Boomkat – he picked up on my post about Boomkat’s new 14 tracks offering. He thanked me for the post and replied to some criticism in the comments. His reply is perfect in every way. It even manages to slip in some salesy stuff about how they’ve now got bulk pricing. But I don’t begrudge him that in the slightest. It’s in direct reference to one of my points. Read his comment here.

The bad one is in response to my post about Mental Detox. Alberto writes about how a certain detox place in Thailand is excellent, and how it helped him give up smoking. It also says:

Thank you for all the detox info, it is inspiring

Which is nice. But it’s horribly clear (to me) that he’s just done a search on detox and gone and spammed a bunch of blogs – you can see that’s the case by the fact that the comment has just been replicated in its entirety here.

That’s naughty. Alberto shame on you.

Shlom, nice to have you here, thanks for popping by.

3 thoughts on “All Comments Are Not Created Equal”

  1. Thankfully Google doesn’t count comments as links in it’s pagerank thingy. So young Alberto is really just wasting his life when he could be hanging out at the mall.

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