Teabuddy Scandal Alert


Ouch. I really want to nip this one in the bud before it gets out of hand…

George Parker (who’s work and brutal honesty I admire a great deal) has written a rather fruity post about something that I wasn’t going to comment on.

Basically I got an unsolicited blogger outreach email last week regarding a new Tea Making site for Cravendale. I decided not to write about it for a number of reasons. But mainly because it’s a very similar idea to something that we did a few years ago (Teabuddy.com).

Then ‘someone’ sent me a link to the site with an ‘aren’t you pissed off’ kind of email. And I wasn’t massively. However, it is a bit strange when you get unsolicited email about something that so closely resembles a piece of work that you worked on.

Now somehow the story has blown up into this. It should be noted that all the words in the article are George’s own – and he’s not known for holding back…

It’s amazing how word spreads (and gets mutated) around these parts. I’m sure there’s nothing suspect going on at all, as we all know everything decent has already been done somewhere else, mostly. And when something sits this close to home it’s quite uncomfortable to hear people being called names and given a hard time on your behalf.

It feels a lot like someone’s heard a rumour I was being bullied at school, then they’ve gone round and punched some kid in the face really hard for looking at me the wrong way. I’m kind of grateful. But also kind of not.

In the sake of fairness and to show there’s no hard feelings round here, here’s another link to http://www.makethetea.com/, it’s actually a nice site. And is rooted in a really good idea.

7 thoughts on “Teabuddy Scandal Alert”

  1. it doesn’t seem that unlikely that the same idea might emerge more than once. We are after all a nation of computer literate tea drinkers.

    Tea rota + networked computers = teabuddy = makethetea

    I think you come out of this very well, there could hardly be better vindication than having others jump to your defence without prompting. Even if he does a lot of effing and jeffing.

  2. Ben…
    Sorry, got confused with my favorite treacle…
    If I didn’t eff and jeff it, people would complain… Believe me, they do on the odd occasion when I’ve tried to tone it down… They all FUCKING moan!
    Mr TAIT…
    My mate Piers passed it on. I blogged on it, not because as you say, it’s all been done before… And believe me, with the umpteen years I’ve been in the biz, it has, and it’s actually getting worse. It’s just that no one seems to be either aware of what has gone before, or they don’t seem to make any effort to find out. Which in today’s world of instant search and resources , I find not only incredible, but pathetic. I am looking forward to your “BrandyBuddy.”

  3. Hey George

    You do make a very good point about researching ideas and what’s gone before.

    FYI: we were thinking of calling it BrandCloud actually ;-)


  4. George, sorry if i sounded a bit Mary Whitehouse. I’ve got no complaints about your use of Anglo Saxon.

  5. Matt…
    Mary Whitehouse… Now there’s a lady hard to forget. I used to get her confused with the one that trained dogs or something. Oh, and Maggie!!!

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