The Mysterious Adventure of the QR Code In The Toilet


I spotted this ‘QR Code’ stuck to the underside of a loo seat. And I thought to myself “what a peculiar, yet intriguing place to stick a QR code”. So I took a photo of it thinking that it might reveal the start of a marvelous adventure.

But now I’ve tried to decode the code using the Experimental ZXing Decoder Onilne (part of this Google Code project) it tells me that it’s not a valid code.

Can anyone put me out of my misery and decode this phantom loo-seat QR Code…

toilet qr code

12 thoughts on “The Mysterious Adventure of the QR Code In The Toilet”

  1. Iain, it’s not a QR code. It’s a crossword. You can plainly see the clue for 2 across above the toilet. :-)

  2. I can see the toilet seat is down, so you must of been taking this picture after a number 2.

    or you pissed on the seat.

  3. I checked out Schmee’s theory… It would look like this:

    Who wants to turn them into stickers on behalf of the women of the world?

  4. This is at The Royal Oak – two doors from my house. Someone has put it there for da lulz to mock digital people.

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