My Balearic Muxtape

Everyone seems to be Muxtaping today.

They’re calling it the easy way to create and share mixtapes. And it is. You just upload your tracks and it puts them together in a nice webpage where people can just click to listen.

They’ve got a blog here:

37 Signals bigged it up so it’s being hammered at the moment (uploading is disabled for the moment as I write this). There’s also obvious issues regarding rights. They do say you should used cleared tracks – but if you look at any of the muxtapes on there most of them aren’t. Including mine (sorry).

My afternoon’s balearic listening can be heard right here:

One of those brilliantly simple sites that does one thing very well.

7 thoughts on “My Balearic Muxtape”

  1. Herb Alpert absolute classic one of my all time faves, brightened up my afternoon no end. Top stuff.

  2. Cola Boy – that takes me back. I’ve got that on white lable somewhere. I left all my records in storage in the UK. Two months in and I’m already missing them/ Boo hoo….

  3. I am experimenting and seeing whether choosing a mixtape [muxtape?] by the creator’s chosen alias is rewarding – or not. For example, never expected “soul” to pick Wolfmother. Do like this, lots more fun than

  4. Stealing from mux is probably a bit too easy. Putting PLEASE=DONT_STEAL_MUSIC in the file name seems a naive to me.

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