Powerpoint Karaoke

All this Pecha Kucha stuff is starting to get a bit dreary.

The idea of PowerPoint Karaoke seems a lot more random and challenging.

Basic idea is: people stick real presentations ‘in a hat’, then presenters get allocated a random presentation and have to present it as best they can.

There’s a great description of how to do PowerPoint Karaoke at Heathervescent.

There doesn’t seem to be many of them on popular video sharing sites (yet). There’s a few in German, but here’s one in English from BarCamp LA. You’ll get the idea:

Who’s in?

Oh and if you want to ‘do PowerPoint Karaoke’ there’s a nifty presentation randomiser that works with Slideshare, you just enter a tag and it pulls in random presentations for maximum randomness…

4 thoughts on “Powerpoint Karaoke”

  1. It’s totally a lot of fun! We’ve done it many times and people love it! Use slideshare to find presentations and then have at it!

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