Loon Dancing to Make You Feel OK

I rarely get angry. It’s not in my nature. But I got an email today that made me so angry that I really felt it, physically. The only way I could shake it off was by watching people dancing like loons. It made the bad feelings go away. Even if you’re feeling tip-top, I hope these make you feel even betterer about life…

(They’re kind of like UK jump-stylers…)

And here’s a face for the future. He keeps up the pace for over 4 minutes which is no mean feat. He’s incredibly in time for a 3 year old and I love the style in the middle, kind of like fencing. Looks like the back hand would be great at clutching a bottle of lager during dancing – a useful skill for later. Superb.

5 thoughts on “Loon Dancing to Make You Feel OK”

  1. I hope it wasn’t the email I sent you this morning that caused you to go looking for these video’s.

    The top one is like a rave river dance – loved the mc’ing at the end.

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