Lakai Fully Flared

Posts on graffiti and skateboarding. I’m so down with the kids I’m almost underneath them.

But this trailer is stunning, it’s like the Black Hawk Down of skate vidz (and it’s got M83 as the soundtrack which would always make it a winner in my book).

11 thoughts on “Lakai Fully Flared”

  1. it speaks of the beauty and invincibility of youth. very touching.
    though i could have done with a different ending and logo.

  2. Glad that Girl are continuing the standard set with Yeah right a few years back.. did spike jonze have anything to do with this one?

  3. This thing is an overproduced, bloated monster: it is the microsoft word of skate videos.

  4. haha fair point Alan – I can see where you’re coming fro
    but I’m a skate novice – I do like the music though :-)

  5. Happy New Year Crackunit people!

    According to sources on the internets, the M83 track is “Lower Your Eyelids To Die With The Sun” … Oh, and I agree with Ollie that Yeah Right is a much better vid. Anything Spike Jonze touches turns to gold.

    Given that it is snowy in them there hills, you should check out Matchstick Productions: “Seven Sunny Days” is pretty damn good, as is “Push” …

    Seven Sunny Days (forward to 1min)
    (Wolf Like me by TV on the Radio)

    (Minds Eye by Wolfmother)

    If that makes you wanna go to the mountains, this might help you decide where to go:

    L8r sk8rs,

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