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404 Page not found

Sometimes when a website is broken it feels like the computer blames you. That’s a bad thing. It’s rarely your fault.

I’d been joking about making a 404-page featuring Igor (our head of technology and sys-admin dude) telling off site visitors for not being able to find the page.

I caught him on camera a while back having a minor ‘episode’ and I couldn’t not do it: – warning: contains bad language.

6 thoughts on “Page Not Found – You Moron”

  1. i need some help with video compression and HTML before I can do it properly – it’s just a joke really…

  2. I would be very careful suggesting that anything to do with Igor is a ‘joke’. He’ll probably kill you, to bits.

  3. ha. I bet ‘gor had no idea you were even there…. he does that sometimes when he thinks no-one is looking.

  4. He really is ‘wicked’.
    I noticed he is taking care of the chat you have set up on orange unlimited.
    Wonder what your clients at Orange would say about Igor chatting away to orange customers?
    Hope no one is being called a moron there.

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