Amazing Stop Motion Wall Painting

fantoche from blu on Vimeo.

Wow. Odd it doesn’t have any sound. But just incredible anyway.

Check out some of the other amazing things at their blog:

Very inspiring and humbling in equal measure.

2 thoughts on “Amazing Stop Motion Wall Painting”

  1. WOW

    Apart from the fact that it’s amazing, I found the no-sound experience a telling experience in itself….. almost as a reflex, I tried to turn up the volume couple of times while watching it…

    You see the video and it touches you in different ways but your mind (ears) feels that something is incomplete as if an entire emotional layer is missing.

    It begs for sound!

  2. yeah – i did the same – checking that the volume was up in a couple of places and unplugging my headphones. The silence is odd.

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