The Frat Boys Are Back

For me Frat Houses were always a thing of great glamour and mystery. I guess it’s the teenage viewings of films like Animal House and Porky’s that make it all seem so exciting. But this film really changed my mind about all of that. It makes fraternities look like a bunch of knucklehead jocks that rule the US education system using fear, bullying and general badness. Whether that’s the case or not I’ve got no real place to say. And the authenticity of the documentary comes in for some stick over at Metafilter.

It just did a good job of shattering my illusions of frat life.

I’m finding that the Google Video ‘Download to iPod’ thing is a real winner for my commuting.

One thought on “The Frat Boys Are Back”

  1. Yeah but they’ve got a beer bong and that’s all right with me man. Let’s F*cking do it! Hooo aaaah!

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