Fire Video Gets Honours, But Why?

The video from yesterday of the fire got a link from the Guardian’s News Blog.

Their embedding of the video in their blog meant that the clip had over 6,000 views yesterday which meant that it got the following ‘honours’ on YouTube.

YouTube Honours

I was stunned. The most viewed UK news clip of the day. And the 10th most viewed UK clip of the day.

A couple of things worth thinking about:

  • The link from the Guardian is what ‘made’ the clip
  • It’s not the best clip of the fire on YouTube (there are superior ones that have far less views)
  • I couldn’t tell you why they picked up on my clip, but I guess I was pretty quick at getting it uploaded (but it can only have been a matter of minutes)
  • I suspect that they found the YouTube clip through my blog – otherwise they’d have just linked to the clip itself. And the indexing of YouTube is generally pretty slow so it’s not a good way to find ‘up to the minute’ clips.
  • Which leads me to believe that they might have used something like Technorati to find the entry – searching for London Fire perhaps?!?

I guess it shows the power of connectedness, searchability and speed.

Which we should all know about by now ;-)

3 thoughts on “Fire Video Gets Honours, But Why?”

  1. Seeing the vid on your blog the other day made me instantly go and check it out on the BBC news site which hadn’t yet picked up on it yet. Interesting example of how big fat beasts like the BBC, no matter how much resources they have, are likely to be supplanted by bloggers.

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