Never Ending Web Page

Here’s something we just did for Orange.

It’s one of my favourite things that we’ve done in a while. It’s a never ending webpage. Crammed full of fun stuff and lots of surprises. Some are online, some are mobile things. But all of them demonstrate the notion of ‘unlimited’.

Not sure I’m supposed to make this public, but people will find out soon enough anyway, there’s hundreds of wind-up phone chargers hidden in the site. I’m not saying what you have to do to find them, that bit is a secret…

I don’t want to say much more because it’s one of those sites which is really about exploration and experience. (We’re hoping that because it’s a never ending page we’ll manage to hit some record-breaking dwell times on the site).

26 thoughts on “Never Ending Web Page”

  1. It’s absolutely brilliant! I’ve just started having a look and got stopped quickly and just spent 5 minutes talking to Buzz the Robot (or whatever it is). Not the best use of my time when I should be actively looking for a job, but hey… The whole site is seriously addictive! I think the record breaking dwell times are coming your way!

  2. Hi Nishad – Poke just do the digital / interactive stuff. The film is another lovely Fallon creation.

  3. i left out the word ‘good’ but i am sure my friend Iain can think of another word.

  4. Yes, it’s true, your Fernando may have broken a record. But infinity never gets into the record books. It’s too big ;-)

  5. The illustrator who did all the illustrations (naturally) is a guy called Rex – you can see more of his super work at [URL Edited because I got it wrong like a fool, thanks Rex for pointing it out!!!]

  6. The genius of the whole thing is based on one little thing: you emulated the scrollbar in Flash.
    That’s something David Copperfield would come up wih should he work in the interactive domain.

  7. Beautiful, charming, playful, integrated…..

    Top effort Iain, the chaps and chappesses have come up trumps on this one.

  8. Really, really lovely, isn’t it?

    Iain – which AI did you use for the chat thing? I love them, I do.

  9. Brilliant – I have literally just wasted 40 minutes when I was supposed to be trying to write an article and meet my deadline!!

    Seriously though, loved it

  10. Its so addictive, which is such a rare thing for online work. Best thing ive seen for ages.
    Compliments to the team and the illustrator

  11. Thanks for the credit Ian – just one tiny thing, it’s rexbox not rexbot :)

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