Web 3.0 Doesn’t Sound Like Much Fun

I wasn’t going to post this as it’s not all that enlightening. It’s from a few months ago and is Eric Schmidt (Google CEO) talking about web 3.0 as a bunch of lightweight free distributable micro applications / services. Which is all very well, but he doesn’t make it sound all that sexy.

The reason I posted the clip is out of sheer hatred for the journalist who asks the question.

“Easy question. What is web 3.0”
“We know what 2.0 is”

He’s such a tool.

But thankfully in the YouTube comments Atomgott brings the debate right back to reality

I dont care what they call it. As long as the amount of porn on the interwebs keeps growing.

One thought on “Web 3.0 Doesn’t Sound Like Much Fun”

  1. Billions spent on the space race brought many innovations to our day-a-day life.

    XXX Billions spent on Porn did the same to our digital life.

    Ex: Streaming video. Financed by them.

    So we should be proud – why hide silly porn docs from our wives? :)

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