Does Starbucks Community = Actual Community?

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I’ve got a theory. Actually calling it a theory is over playing it. It’s more like a suspicion, or maybe an inkling. Whichever of the two fits best.

I’ve been into a few different branches of Starbucks recently and noticed that they’ve all got these ‘community’ boards. I suspect they’re a global thing. They’re basically free spaces for local people to stick up notices (the photo above is from the Hove branch).

I’m hypothesising that you can tell how active a local community is by the density of notices on the board. However, I’m basing this on a very limited sample of 5 Starbucks branches.

  • 3 in the City in London – very little community
  • 2 in Brighton and Hove – lots of community, typically based around Tai Chi and tofu-weaving ;-)

Anyone have any observations to support or destroy my suspicions?

2 thoughts on “Does Starbucks Community = Actual Community?”

  1. Iain — I think your theory/inkling is accurate and definitely global. Here in Cleveland, Ohio the volume of items on the boards varies from shop to shop. The ones in more progressive/open neighborhoods are flodded. Also, the stores with the most hang-out-factor have more volume, the ones where you just get your coffee and go have little to none. Hope that helps.

  2. Here in Manchester even the ones in the crowded areas are quite empty…dog lovers was the only one I saw when I went to this really crowded Starbucks. I noticed that the ones around suburbs and out of the city centre are far more flooded with announcements and different things

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