Businesses Are Like Cats


I’ve no idea where this came from, but as I was trying to get to sleep last night I came up with this rather odd, and strangely extended, metaphor. Businesses as cat ownership (I’ve a suspicion it might work for kids or dogs too, but I’ve never ‘owned’ either of those)…

When they’re a kitten life is a lot of fun. They’re cute. They chase balls of string. Plenty of exploring and making mistakes. You could sit and watch them all day. Occasionally they’ll pee on the carpet, but the volume of wee is relatively small, and oddly it doesn’t smell all that bad.

Then they get house-trained. They learn to use the litter box. Then they start wandering outside. They’re a bit more of a worry than they were before. They could get run over. A fox could rip out their guts. But they’re still really cute, and growing.

Then they start doing bad stuff. Getting into yucky habits. Humping both beasts and inanimate objects. Fighting. Staying out all night. Hanging out with whichever of the neighbours will give them food. At least they’re still doing interesting stuff, but whenever you hear late night cat-wailing you can’t help but worry…

Then they get tired and lazy and just want to sit around the house in the sunny spot getting fed. Their hair goes a bit matted and off-colour. Perhaps their bladder weakens and you have to follow them around all the time cleaning up. Feeding, cleaning up, feeding, cleaning up. You still love the silly old thing, but it’s not as much fun as it used to be.

I think maybe it’s time for some kind of therapy ;-)

2 thoughts on “Businesses Are Like Cats”

  1. I think that’s spot on.

    I’ve often thought about using the kid analogy, but worried it’s a bit schmultzy.

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