I Knew Wine Boxes Were the Future

I went to the Big Chill a few years ago and came back with a vision that the much maligned ‘Wine Box’ was in fact the perfect unit of alcohol for festivals, BBQs, etc. Unfortunately the wine they put in them is normally horrid. So I suggested to a bunch of people that it would be great to stick good wine into wine boxes and make them really cool. I even found out from people that make wine that indeed the wine box is an excellent vessel in terms of wine-care.

Of course, with it being an excellent idea and all, someone’s gone and done it really nicely…

Wine Box


(Of course I only notice when the 0.2% of good ideas I’ve historically had get done, and I don’t notice when the remaining 99.8% of chod doesn’t get executed).

2 thoughts on “I Knew Wine Boxes Were the Future”

  1. Congrats on being the number one link on Buzz Feed!!

    While we were living in Kenya (Africa), there was a great boxed wine there – Namaqua – it’s a testament to the quality of boxed wine.

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