Silly Moments in Techno

Techno clubs aren’t normally renowned for their sense of humour. But here’s a couple of moments where things go a little funny.

A rather odd reaction to a rather odd track called Heater by Samin at the Outhouse Festival.

And this from the always-a-little-bonkers terrace at DC10 in Ibiza (the club starts at something stupid like 8am on Monday morning and goes on till Monday night so what do you expect!). I’m not quite sure where the sitting down thing came from though…

Anyone got any other ‘silly moments in techno’?

11 thoughts on “Silly Moments in Techno”

  1. Not sure if this is quite what you where looking for but its quite amusing all the same. Here’s my mate Norman dancing on a fairly steep hill at Exit festival this year, where he only just avoids turning into a human wrecking ball.

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