4 thoughts on “Starbucks Bring Drinks To Your Laptop”

  1. It wouldn’ve been cool if Apple/Starbucks had linked the iPod touch wifi in with what you’ve noticed and offered a way to set up your ‘usual’ order to register as soon as you walk into the place and be charged to your iTMS account or something…

  2. the people here at this starbucks have a bad attude with me i buy like 5 ice mochas a day for like 3 weeks everyday and theyve been good 1 day they made me a bad 1 i asked them nicly to make another they got a bad attude with me but made a nothe r and it was bad again and they yelled at me and they have a bad attude with me since now toniote im here i got ice mocha and it is good and i ordered a blue berry muffin too and they gave me blue berry coffee cake instead i told them when i realized and they said oh we wer going to throw them out soon like im buying an old1 they close at 1030 and its 930 now they gAVE me my blueberry muyffin it was good and i want ed to buy another and they threw it all out and its not even closein g time yet they shut evrything down early here cause ther lazy and shouldnt be working here

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