Like 2ManyDJs (Only Better)

streetlife djs

I’m liking the sounds of the Streetlife DJs a lot today. They’re like a UK version of 2ManyDJs only perhaps a bit more dance-edged, but still with tons of eclecticism. From their Podcast description:

Stewart Rowell and Louis Gaston are otherwise known as the Streetlife DJs. They have over 25 years turntable experience between them, and a blatant disregard for music genres! OK let’s explain…if you think Soulwax meets Coldcut meets Sasha and Digweed you’re in the right ball park…if there is such a place?

Of course they’re on bloody MySpace:
And they’ve got their own Podcast which is really rather good (if you like that kind of thing)
And they have a website of their very own:

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