The 7th Sin Personified?

Interflora eBrochure

I don’t normally like highlighting specific pieces of work and picking on them. But in the context of the 7 Sins of Digital I had to post this.

It’s Interflora’s new eBrochure. For starters anything called an eBrochure should be put straight in the eBin. But it’s the use of the killer page curl that really gets me. (Ashley even listed page turns as his 7th Sin in the comments).

They say:
Welcome to Interflora’s new and exciting interactive eBrochure.
Clicking the eBrochure will open a new window.

You say:

Why it seems like a good idea:
You can just take an existing print brochure and put it online. And it’s got familiar things that people get.

Why it’s not a good idea:
You can’t search it. It’s not linkable from outside. The links from the eBrochure to the website are really disorienting. Most of the text is too small (so you have to have a crappy zoom function). It’s just all wrong. Oh and it’s called an eBrochure…

2 thoughts on “The 7th Sin Personified?”

  1. I could not agree with you more! I hate these things. I’ve always hated these things. Just because it works in print doesn’t mean it’ll work if you just scan it and put it online. “it’s just like a magazine – but online” NO IT’S NOT! Anyone who uses these things shouldn’t be allowed to work online.

  2. Thanks for this, I’ve just sent a link to a large client of ours who are thinking of putting their internal newsletter in this format.

    “It’ll save money”, they said.

    “It’ll lose readership”, I said.

    “Why is it so bad?”, they said.

    “Shall we start with the ‘A’s?”, I said.

    I think now they’ve steered away from the Dark Side…


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