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It’s not that often that I just link to a blog and say that it’s just really great. But that’s exactly what I’m about to do.

It’s just a blog where the bloggers write about really cool consumer products. Doesn’t sound too special so far right? But the things is, when you read it you can’t help but fall for the people who write it. They write in such a genuine, funny, open, honest way about their love for things that quite frankly are the things that no-one should really get that excited about. But secretly most of us do…

On Clear Duct Tape:

I mentioned clear duct tape in my last post and while I didn’t think at the time it warranted it’s own post, fuck it: THIS IS CLEAR DUCT TAPE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT.

Since in my heart of hearts I’m a 65 year old retiree who finds joy in a block of cheese and a Law & Order marathon, I have to say clear duct tape is very probably the greatest thing I can think of at this moment.

Or on Mr Clean Magic Erasers:

If I sound too excited, you should have seen the layers of grease and grime left on my oven from the people who lived in my apartment last year. And you should see it now, so sparkling clean with that grime magically erased you’d never know this place was once a meth lab.

Just goes to show that it’s possible to make almost anything interesting if you care…

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