Sometimes I Wonder…

…how old I really am. I know my age, I’m just not convinced that I’m very mature.

Here’s an example, there’s a singer who’s been promoted heavily on TV, his name is Robin Thicke – this makes me laugh every time I hear them read it out. That’s quite childish.

Anyway I saw his name in the Observer today – small chuckle. Then my eyes panned right and…

robin thicke and willie colon

I sounded like Beavis AND Butthead for about 2 minutes.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wonder…”

  1. You’ve got me chuckling like an eight year old who just heard his teacher say “poo”.

    It’s healthy to be puerile…

  2. Too funny!
    Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke’s son, which makes me feel really old. (Alan Thicke from the TV show whose name I can’t recall, and he was also a TV presenter when I was growing up. The album from Robin Thicke is actually pretty good neo-soul).

    Willie Colon is a legendary latin artist! He had a huge club hit in the 80s underground club circuit, called “Set Fire to Me”. Classic.

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