Spot the Bull

Spot the bull

This is one of my favourite projects of recent times. It ticks all of the boxes that get me excited about the work Poke do.

It’s a simple idea, that hasn’t been done before (as far as I can tell). We were basically tasked by Orange to come up with an interesting way to give away a bunch of tickets for Glastonbury. So we came up with the idea of:

  • Putting a GPS enabled cow in a field (it turned out to be a bull later so we could turn the name into a tabloid-friendly pun)
  • Showing it’s position live on the internet, along with webcams
  • Whoever guesses where the bull is going to be at a certain time of day will win tickets

You can play online now for the next 4 weeks:

I really hope that it gets picked up by the online community. It just feels like the kind of idea that people could get excited about. It’s one of those things that creates an interesting interface between the real world and the web world, and it’s a bit silly too (which often helps).

(In case you’re worried, we were very careful that the activity doesn’t in any way interfere with the Bull’s normal life. The whole thing has been devised in consultation with the farmer and the RSPCA)

11 thoughts on “Spot the Bull”

  1. Pingback: roflpops !
  2. Fun idea & perfect digital nonsense.
    The ‘expert analysis’ vids are great, maybe there’s something about the accent/commentary/shear lack of action that does it, not sure, but they are really charming.
    Any plans to let the people get their hands on them?

  3. smashing. gps opens up all sorts of possibilities. derek is ace. i’m trying to work out if he has a pattern, you know like a routine or something.

  4. Love it. Delighted at the thought of how this was broached with the farmer. I have visions of him rolling his eys, muttering ‘London types’ under his breath, whilst pocketing the cash.

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