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Specialbike is a company in Brighton that takes old bikes and turns them into new bikes. Kind of like ‘Pimp My Cycle’ (the bike above used to be a knackered old Peugeot racer).

You can tell them exactly what you want your dream bike to be like and give them a budget. Then you can pick the colour and type of finish as well as specifiy individual bits and bobs.

It’s just a really nice idea. You bring life back to an old bike as well as getting something completely and utterly unique. Their site also expresses a really nice tone of voice.

I’m going to go and see them on Saturday. I’m dead excited. I’l let you know how I get on.

Have a look at their work.

5 thoughts on “My Favourite Company”

  1. I wish I was in England for this too. I need a bike here in sunny Germany!

    I also just wrote to them (they had a typo on a page) and got an almost instant and nice reply. That’s always good to see too. I hope they do well; companies with their hearts in the right place like this deserve to (unlike Virgin Media).

  2. I checked out these guys as that’s pretty much what I’d like to do for a living in an ideal world! (only the bikes would have tougher names and neat/cute artwork, and gimmicks like flower vases on the handlebars).

    I did 3 for friends over last summer and I remember thinking their prices were high (read extortionate), but then, I realised that if you want something 1-off made, that’s just how much it costs if you’re trying to run it as a business. good luck!

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