The Daddy of All Secret Clubs…

Following the post about secret clubs, posters like this have just started going up for Secret Sundaze (one of the original new wave of oudoor / warehouse parties).

It doesn’t get much more secret than that. If you’re smart you might be able to figure out the date. But you’ll need to know where to look (or how to search the internet) to get more…

But you know what, they don’t need to do any more. They’ve created a really really strong brand. From a very simple yellow and black identity with just an unfussy typeface they’ve manage to build something that has massive cutthrough in the congested flyposter space. When you see a confident yellow poster that doesn’t say much their followers know exactly what it’s for. They’ve build a brand thats understood enough by its audience that information on posters is merely clutter and distraction. They use their ads simply as beacons or reminders, letting other channels do the ‘heavy lifting’ of information: who the djs are, where it is, etc. Almost like the way the iPod ads work.

6 thoughts on “The Daddy of All Secret Clubs…”

  1. Yes, they’ve definitely built a strong brand for themselves and done some clever marketing…but it’s just a shame it’s gone so commercial! Ahh…I remember the good old days of the illegal SS parties at the Poet, but I guess these things can’t last forever?!

  2. Ha, glad people like the ad. In answer “we’ve gone commercial”. We have of course grown in popularity but have not changed the way we operate. We would still be doing the Poet now if we could – we can’t as they were getting so much heat – simple. We have always looked to use quirky venues and have a new mindblowingly good one for our launch on the obvious date. we still bring over DJ’s that no-one has heard of and break new talent in the UK and take many risks to use semi legal or illegal venues. This is not taking a commercial approach whatsoever.

    Giles Smith (secretsundaze)

  3. Very good point about the poster. You don’t have to the ‘that’ in-the-know, the queue of mullets stretching to Liverpool St can usually pinpoint the location fairly well on the day.

  4. i forsee a summer of madness… commercial no nay never.

    dan francisco

  5. i forsee a summer of madness…

    commercial… no nay never…

    dan francisco

  6. I sympathise with what Giles is saying. I think the SecretSundaze guys are doing a great job at managing being popular with staying true to something.

    If anyone wants the real underground it can be found in my loft, just me and some really obscure music, it really goes off in there. Sometimes Sophie comes up there too, but then I worry about selling out so I send her back down the ladder. The underground can be a bit lonely sometimes.

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