This Makes Me So Happy

Over at Pink Air Jeffre talks about the ‘kick off’ meeting. The dreaded meeting after the business has been won. The thrill of the chase has gone. The hunt is over. And the carcuss is rotting before your eyes…

In his account of the first meeting and the clients tearing apart his pitch there’s a client quote that fills me with hope and joy. In response to the question “why did you choose us?”:

“You all seemed to be visibly struggling with what you were saying…Most agencies act like they already had the answer years ago or they want to impose something on you that doesn’t fit, but you were uncertain. You were still thinking very hard…We thought, you know, this actually is hard and we’ll be struggling along with it for a while, so who do we want struggling along next to us?”

I just think that’s great. I wish everyone shared that view.

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One thought on “This Makes Me So Happy”

  1. Great agencies are rare and so are great clients. Rarer still is the savvy client who is in an organization that rewards their intelligence and their desire to do great things instead of just not rocking the boat.

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