Sorry IMified Chaps

Dave from IMified left a comment that the message I got was an AOL limit thing. And as such is not their fault. Fair play to them.

As he indicates running a service on top of someone elses platform is always going to be a tricky one! Keep up the good work IMified peeps and may all the big boys play nicely with you.

I’m always so impressed at how attentive all these startup guys are to the blogosphere.

2 thoughts on “Sorry IMified Chaps”

  1. Kudos to you for posting this in addition to your earlier piece. The other piece of the startup-blogger connection is the fact that we’re always excited to try new tools, and always excited to have something interesting and new to write about. It’s a match made in heaven.

  2. Google alerts my dear chap. Any mention of a subject that needs tracking and it’s in the mail box. I use it all the time. Or.. could be this social media thing too!

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