Joost on the Mac

Joost for the Mac got properly launched on Saturday (well into public beta anyway), so like a good little nerd I rushed off and downloaded it straightaway.

First impressions…

  • Very slick piece of software
  • Very intuitive
  • Video quality is varied, but way better then most full screen streamed online video out there
  • Very little buffering – quick to start
  • Content is slightly limited – but there’s some great stuff on there (especially in the indie movie channel) and I was interested to see that Deepak Chopra was in there tooc

I’m not sure why, but the feeling I came away from using it was: “This feels like a super-slick in-flight entertainment system”. Which is not necessarily a bad thing at all. But that’s how it made me feel.

It’s definitely one to watch though.

One thought on “Joost on the Mac”

  1. Hi Iain,

    I really want to try this out…I joined up for Beta testing but no response as of yet. It’s a bit cheeky but any chance you could pass on an invite?


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