Nice Altoids Idea

I think this is really nice.

In the swamp of dirty UGC ideas that we have to endure, here’s one that floats to the top, like cream, not a turd.

It’s got a limited lifespan, but that’s OK.

Simple idea, you can leave a valentine’s message on the Chocolate Altoids site. So far, so what. Plus you can send an ecard with your message. So far, so what, again.

Here’s the killer part of the idea. Altoids give you a list of websites where they’ll publish your valentine’s message in their banners. So you can get your message on the sites where your significant other will be hanging out.

Well I liked it anyway. It had an intrinsic reason to get involved and didn’t require a massive prize like most other UGC driven campaigns.

2 thoughts on “Nice Altoids Idea”

  1. But Iain, you’re two days too late!

    I liked this one from the British Heart Foundation
    If you turn your sound up and select the voices you can run your mouse really quickly over them. It amused me anyway.

    Happy Valentine’s ….

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