Yoda’s Freaky Eye

Meet my Yoda Furby. As you can see it’s a quality piece of Star Wars merchandise. If a little bit repetative. I’ve had him for a few years now and he’s been hibernating in a box for the last couple.

I found him the other day and resurrected him using the force (and 4AA batteries).

Only thing is, one of his eyelids has perished and when he’s ‘sleeping’ he has this freaky eye thing going on. I think he might have to go back in the box, he’s scaring me.

3 thoughts on “Yoda’s Freaky Eye”

  1. er….not too sure I like that picture.

    It looks a little too much like me and Ant after Club/Pub yesterday morning.

  2. Yep, I definetely had eye bags as green and wrinkled as those and I didn’t even stay ’till the end. When’s the next one?

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