Yahoo! Mail Championships

Here’s a little Poke project. To promote the new Yahoo! Mail we’ve set up the Yahoo! Mail World Championships.

Starting with the theory that everyday challenges became competitive sport over time (e.g. hunting became Javelin throwing, running away from things became competitive running) we thought it might be funny to treat email in the same way. So we’ve turned email into a competitive sport and are trying to find the best emaillers in the world.

We are actually going to have a live final early next year which I’m looking forward to, a lot. I’d love to see a top secretary battling it out against a teen-computer-game-champ.
There’s also some nice little games which show off the product features in a really sweet way AND you can get some awesome finger-sweatbands on the site ;-)

I still think the idea is pretty strong, and there’s some great bits in there. But I’ve been so close to it for so long I’m not sure whether it’s lost some of it’s focus during the process. I hope not, but I fear it might have done.

9 thoughts on “Yahoo! Mail Championships”

  1. It arrived in my inbox one day. I quite liked it.
    (I’m just being stupid really….)

  2. That’s nothing I just got *another* email from Passage F. Weaker – I wish he’d leave me alone, he’s such a pest.

  3. Hi Iain,

    I had a sneak preview of this about a month ago… I liked it then, and I still like it now. The game play takes me back to the good old days of ‘Track and Field’ on the Sega – oh if we had finger-sweatbands in them days…

    Good work!

  4. I think it looks great. You’ve got a nice take on the Millionaire / Weakest Link game shown vernacular.

    (Can’t believe I just said game show vernacular).

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