Are Chavs the New Mods?

Are chavs the new mods? It was a thought that entered my head in Brighton a couple of weeks ago.

Sure the scooters have changed. And in retrospect the mods’ fashion was way cooler. But the attitude and the lifestyle aren’t all that different… Disposable income that goes on fashion, partying and wheels. Enjoy a bit of a ruck from time to time. Don’t say no to drugs. Have ‘borrowed’ musical influences from different cultures.

I guess the only difference is that mods are viewed with a sense of nostalgic romanticism, whereas chavs aren’t.

This has been my first Modern Man post for a while. I guess that proves that modern man can be a bit lazy/rubbish.

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10 thoughts on “Are Chavs the New Mods?”

  1. Great post. I see that Lady Sovereign is about to break it Stateside with Jay Z signing her to the label. The first Brit ever. This got me thinking that movements which emerge from the working classes (sorry if that sounds antedeluvian) might coallesce as more ‘romantic’ movements later but anything that starts out from within the intellectual elite might only ever see it’s principles as diluted or a dumbing down of it’s original principles.

    Maybe we were all wrong about Chav culture.

  2. 1. Not all chavs are the same.

    2. What makes you think you are better than us ?

    3. I Would like to see you say it to one of our faces you pricks.

    And finally don’t any of you have anything better to do ?


  3. In popular conscienousness CHAVS are the breed of american “gang” culture, the mods were only slightly similar, but there are HUGE destinctions between mods of the 1960’s and CHAVS of latter days. I did atually think to myself, god! What if it is true, are CHAVS the new mods? But CHAVS blatently have disregard to those who look different to them, its not about music as it was in the 1960’s, now it is about greed, antisocial behaviour, family breakdown, apathy and and all out terror inflicting. I’d KILL to live back in the 1960’s, as everywhere I go in smart dress with my scarves, CHAVS have attacked me through thinking that I am gay, as they cannot understand my appearence, especially my hairstyle, so they get jealous and feel threatened. CHAVS just do what they want in retrospect, they will do what they like until people stand up to them and say STOP! As nobody does, they will just continue to cause havoc. As for CHAVS on scooters, that is the only similarity between them and mods. CHAVS have no clue what mods are, believe me I know. This is in the city of Lincoln, where if you are different, you are tagged for the rest of your days. Hence why I am TRYING to get down to Brighton!

  4. I’m not going to comment like I’m an expert or anything as I didnt live during the MOD era, but after reading up on it, and watching countless doc’s on MODs and MOD culture, i would have to agree that CHAVS are the new MODs.

    I hope to god that in 40 years time CHAVs are not looked upon in a nice light, the few diffrences i see between them are the support of wepons (knives, guns ext) to be used, but i put that simply down to times changing and desensitisation and it being much easyer to get such items.

  5. Oh, and in reply to Nick,
    I think you would be quite disapointed if you move to Brighton, as it really has lost its alt-edge, I should know I’ve been there alot and I live in 1 of the worst area’s when it comes to CHAVS – just down the road from you actually (Skegness)

  6. NO, is the simple answer. If anything they are closer to the skinheads. Listening to mainly black music while keeping a narrow mind to political issues which have been passed down from their elders. Imo mods of today are closer to indie kids. The dress and music is similar, and they take far more pride in their appearence. Mods are still around. I am a mod, and am offended that we are even mentioned in the same sentence. I wear a tailored suit for a night out. Chavs only put tesco suits on for court!

  7. I dont think being called a Mod is an insult you burberry wearing twat!

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