Nice Pret

I know Pret a Manger are part owned by McHorrors so I shouldn’t go there. But me and Nik just went in to one and ordered a coffee, and the man gave us them for free. He said: “it’s Friday afternoon, these are on the house”.

So, because they were nice I’m now telling you that they were nice in the hope that it spirals into some out of control spirally thing that inspires infinite niceness throughout the world.

3 thoughts on “Nice Pret”

  1. As Pret say on their FAQ … “McDonald’s do not have any direct influence over what we sell or how we sell it; nor would they want to.”

    I’m just glad they recently opened a nice big one on Tooley Street and another one at South Ken, both of which have been useful this week ;-) Was that McMoney?

    If only they had wi-fi like McD’s & Starbucks

  2. Pret is one of the things I miss about London. Actually that’s not completely true, but it would be great if we had Pret here in Melbourne. It makes a great standby when you need to grab a snack but can’t really be bothered. More food fast than fast food.

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