YouTube Value on TechCrunch

Even though their site has issues with it’s error messages (see below), it’s undoubtedly worth quite a lot of money. This article on TechCrunch has a good top line discussion on how much it might be worth and outlines the big challenges ahead: YouTube’s Magic Number – $1.5 Billion

It’s also worth a read of this post from Mark Cuban about The Coming Decline of Youtube where he talks about just how tricky YouTube’s copyright issues are. Oh well, the lawyers get rich again.

Where’s the legal Web2.0 play that displaces the lawyers, come on, someone’s got to have one…

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2 thoughts on “YouTube Value on TechCrunch”

  1. I thought YouTube was OK with the copyright stuff (for the time being)… They kinda get away with it because they offer to remove the content as soon as the copyright owner requests its removal.

    Could be wrong though.

  2. Yeah, that was my assumption too. But I guess all it takes is a couple of lawyers to smell big money and who knows what could happen. Or alternatively the volume of removal requests becomes so high that it becomes crippling which isn’t actually inconceivible given the volumes that they’re getting to now.

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