I love London (a little bit)

Busking on Brick LaneSome of you may have seen my ‘I love London’ blog – an experiment to try to get me to love living in London a bit more. And whether having a blog that makes me look out for good things would help me to see good things.

After a strong start it faltered badly. I couldn’t find anything. Everything just seemed generic to living somewhere that isn’t ‘in the middle of nowhere’. And I started to feel like I wasn’t loving London very much. Then I saw something unexpected on Sunday that strangely fired me up…

A couple of people busking on Brick Lane: I’d given up… Until… – I Love London

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4 thoughts on “I love London (a little bit)”

  1. yes! I saw these guys outside Angel station a few months ago – they were *great* and had gathered a rather large crowd! We stopped and listened for a few songs.

  2. Me too! There was a massive crowd at Angel tube, right at rush hour. I’d never put human beatboxing on my iPod, but it was good to watch, and see other peoples reactions. It cheered me up anyway.

  3. I saw these guys on Carnaby STreet a few weeks ago, they are truly amazing. I think I *may* have seen them on Brick Lane the other day, but I couldn’t get past the crowd to see.
    (Commenting here rather than Vox because I don’t want to register.)

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