It was viral…


Now it’s a phenomenon! The immortal line from the Subway viral comes alive.

Check out the “if we roll, we roll big” t-shirt. With snappy, “corner office, now” detail on the back. Printed on high quality American Apparel garment.

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8 thoughts on “It was viral…”

  1. That’s very funny.

    Did they think the “corner office, now!” bits would make them look appealing?

  2. that is, not the tshirt people. I bet they don’t have a corner office.

  3. This is starting to enter the so bad that it’s good category. Sad thing is, being American, you can’t even consider any of this stuff as ironic.

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  5. In many ways I really do hope that they knew what was going to happen and it was all planned. I can see from my stats that people are checking (as well as people from lots of other agencies!) – that’s the thing about clicking on links from your company webmail ;-)

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