Where I work is OK

Poke have just been rated the top Digital Agency in the UK by Revolution Magazine. Actually more importantly we weren’t rated by the magazine, but by clients (as reported in Revolution Magazine).

This is the second time in 2 years that we’ve won this award which is either great news (or proves that their scoring is fundamentally fucked). They basically ask clients what they think of agencies and ask them to score them on lots of different criteria. It’s nice to be recognised by clients rather than peers or ‘judges’. So I’m pretty happy today.

In our ‘School Report’ they’ve misspelled my name in rather an amusing fashion. No longer will I be known as Iain Tait, I’ll now be known as Ian Tart.

Oh well, people seem to think it suits me… I’m still happy.

It’s not mentioned on the: Revolution Web Site

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6 thoughts on “Where I work is OK”

  1. Congrats “Ian” – just think how much time you’ll save now that you don’t have to write that extra “i” anymore. :-)

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