Flock Irony

Actually I’m not quite sure if it is irony. But it felt a bit like a kind of irony. I’m using my favourite thing of the day, Flock, to blog about my new favourite thing of the day, Flock. It’s basically a version of Firefox that’s been properly hooked up with lots of Web 2.0 services. Most importantly del.icio.us for your bookmarks, flickr for photographs, and your blogging software of choice. Then it has really neat stuff like being able to pull photographs into form fields to create the right HTML and stuff like that.

Flock — The web browser for you and your friends

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3 thoughts on “Flock Irony”

  1. Hi Iain! I´m a graphinc designer and I always visit artshole.co.uk, today by mystake I ended up reading your message at artshole.com, I thougt it was funny, and I read your blog for hours. Well, I just wanted to say hi to you, danny

  2. Glad it kept you occupied :-)
    Unless of course you were supposed to be doing something else, if you were, sorry.

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