Broken iPods. What to do?

ipod graphicI’ve got 2 x 4th gen ipods at home, both with knackered hard drives. My inner environmentalist says that I can’t throw them away. But getting them fixed will cost £150 quid each. Which just isn’t worth it considering they’re old and scratched up.

Is there anything I can do with them? Turn them into decorative dimmer switches? I suppose I’ve got a pair so I could make them hot and cold taps?
Or like mobile phones is there a charity that can do something with them?

Or even is there some art project I can give them to?

UPDATE: I thought some more about fixing it and found this: Replacing the Hard Drive of an iPod, and it looks do-able.  But a 40gb drive costs almost £100 and then I’ve got the risk of screwing it up. Oh what a dilemma.

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