2000 Bricks

2000 bricksBrian kindly left a comment pointing to 2000 Bricks, a project not 1000 miles away from 1000 Paintings.

There’s an interesting graph on his site that shows activity on 1000 Paintings has changed over time. He calls it the Short Tail. I’m not exactly sure that this is the best description, but the curve is really impressive and shows the effect that a bit of alpha-blog coverage can have…

Now, let me think, 3000…

Thanks Brian.

3 thoughts on “2000 Bricks”

  1. Have I gone mad, or does that guy just sell you a badly photoshopped render of a brick for $4o?

    Aren’t all these things get-rich-off’s of million dollar homepage?

  2. No, you actually do get a brick in his back yard with your message engraved in it. (And you can order a real brick copy). But you do get sent a photo as part of the price.


    I know where you’re coming from on the whole post-million-dollar-homepage thing. But I think these kind of real-world projects do have some distinct differences in the comment that they’re making.

  3. If you get an actual brick that’s quite cool. But there’s still something missing for me. Feels like buying a square of Highbury turf or summits.

    The numbers paintings are better – or am I just saying that because I’m a graphic designer and therefore like anything typographic?

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