Webby Awards

This year’s Webby Award winners have just been announced. And I’m chuffed to say that Poke have managed to bag a couple.

One for Talking Point for Orange, and a People’s Voice for Feed Me Better for Jamie Oliver.

I’m personally really happy that Talking Point got awarded as it’s a project that caused me a lot of sleepless nights, and involved a lot of tricky client meetings. [See original blog post here]. As a platform I think we could have done lots more with it, and maybe we still can. Nonetheless it’s nice to see it get commended in this way.

Great to see that the UK is well represented across the board.

7 thoughts on “Webby Awards”

  1. hey! congratulations! that’s great news :)

    it’s always great to see those tricky projects that you temporarily sell your soul to get recognised!

  2. Congrats buddy!

    I remember first hand how tricky it was ;)

    It’s great pushing brands into 2.0 collaborative spaces! Is this be the first brand folksonomy?

  3. Hi Farris,

    Thanks for that. And great to see that you’re blogging.

    I doubt it’s the first, but I think it was still quite early in the space.

    Having thought about this stuff a bit I think it’s really tricky for a lot of brands to really do something ‘2.0’ unless their brand actually really does have a community of some form.

    I think the Run London / Google Maps thing is a great example.

  4. hiya!

    Thanks dude – I’ve finally joined the conversation ;)

    I totally agree. I think brands can develop communities around different themes but it’s difficult for brands to embrace true collaboration as it means you have to let go.

    Google Maps I find interesting – the mash ups are driven by the functionality and facilitated by the open APIs – but at a certain point it becomes about who can come up with the coolest hack ;)

    Sound good stuff here about motivations:


  5. I agree that Google Maps and other open APIs have spawned a whole load of ‘cool hacks’, but I think there are some things that go beyond just being hacks. Where genuinely the combinations of services are greater than the sum of their parts.

    If you’ve not seen them take a look at Tom Coates’ slides about the future of web apps – really cool.

    That motivation link is great – ta.

  6. Coates is a legend – had a look at his doc – exciting stuff.

    When we hit that web of data, networked effect of services thing he talks about – things will start to get really interesting…

    The Web is an emergent phenomenon – decentralised, self organising [kinda] – it will begin to express higher level properties that we’re only just beginning to experience – the connected age is gonna rock ;)

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