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A new feature of is the ability to create your own networks. It’s a replacement for the slightly confusing inbox feature.

I’d love to create a little network of like-minded people so I can keep in touch with the hot stuff that other people are bookmarking. If you use and would like to ‘network up’ feel free to add me to your network. And it’d be great if you could leave your ID in the blog comments. That way both me, and other readers, can hook-up in a lovely world of

My name is iaintait leave yours in the comments.

Oh yeah, it might seem a bit unmanagable at first. But the smart thing to do is to subscribe to your network RSS feed and you can keep a track of what people are up to. (Oh, and don’t forget the newish private saving feature…a welcome addition for most normal people).

25 thoughts on “Help Me Create a Network”

  1. I don’t think that the network replaces the whole inbox, but adds a separate and perhaps more user-friendly version of the specific user-based inbox subscriptions. You can still (for now) subscribe to specific users’ tags in your inbox, which I think would have been a mistake to stop. Whatever, it’s made the network stuff more explicit, which is good.

    Anyway, here’s my Nice.

  2. ID: gedcarroll

    I must admit I’ve got a lot more stuff on MyWeb 2, but you’d expect that wouldn’t you ;-)

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