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evil googleWhen I’m tired and not feeling on top form I can never really be bothered to look at stuff online. The one site that always cheers me up a bit is Boing Boing, you’ll never fail to find something interesting, odd, funny or inspiring. I’m not sure which category to put this one in…

As I’m sure everyone knows it’s now very cool to hate Google. So this Script to replace Google logo with Evil Google logo is just what you need. It takes the Google logo and replaces it with one created by the Students for a Free Tibet.

In case you don’t know the story, Google have agreed to filter their search results in China to comply with the government’s censorship wishes. It’s a tough one. Google was already being crippled in China so in some ways it’s a good thing that they’re now accessible and, importantly, able to show users when things have been stripped out by the local authorities, meaning they can see they’re being censored.
Allegedly all the big search engines have done similar deals with the government. But now that Google are officially ‘evil’ they’re the worst (of course)…

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