dumb, crass, stupid, sexist lavazza

Interesting thoughts on complaining via buzz tracking. Russell doesn’t like the Lavazza posters with busty women on them (russell davies: dumb, crass, stupid, sexist lavazza). I think the image, as a photograph, is middle-shelf toss-fodder. Yes it’s sexist, yes it’s a bit crass. But most of all I really can’t see how this is going to appeal to drinkers of a relatively high end coffee… I’m not offended by it, I just think that the whole campaign is misguided.

I’m much more interested by the power of blogs as routes to reach marketers. Trackbacks, links, and general Google strength are all things that as bloggers we can harness for our own aims.

Given that it doesn’t take many letters to the ASA to get an ad taken off air, how many blogs would have the same effect?

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