Wario Land – Shake it! Wii Advertising

YouTube - experiencewii's Channel

This YouTube Channel for Wario Land is great. We’ve seen the technique before, but it really works here and was a genuine surprise. (Sorry, I guess I’ve spoiled it already, but take a look).

And the game looks great too. The Wario franchise has always had some neat interface innovations, this looks to continue that tradition.

There was one thing that disappointed me a bit; the clip looks embeddable (as a bit of Flash) from the YouTube page. I almost peed my pants when I thought that I could embed the clip and it’d shake my blog to bits when someone played the video from my post. But unfortunately not. Or at least the embedding didn’t work at all for me.

This has been featured by the always on-the-ball fellows at Adverblog, but thanks to Iain at Moo for the tip off.

A Weekend of Boom Blox

I couldn’t find Wii Fit anywhere this weekend. And even Mario Kart seemed to be sold out at most places so I took a punt and bought Boom Blox for the Wii instead.

Net result. A very sore arm and many hours wasted.

It’s a brilliant game. The learning curve is perfect. The balance of skill/strategy/luck is great. And it uses the Wii controllers fantastically well. And it’s probably not something I’ll ever get round to doing (I don’t really have the time) but the ability to construct and share your own levels is really nice.

Not sure exactly what Steven Spielberg had to do with it. But it is kind of like the E.T. of gaming; I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like it at least a little bit.