Courses I’d Love to Do

ipa penthouse

I’ve just been helping out with a D&AD / IPA talk about ‘sharpening your creative skills’ for wannabe Creative Directors. Not sure how much help I was, but hey ho, I told a few stories and gave my opinion on some stuff.

(The image above is from the top floor of the IPA, I didn’t look inside their copy of Penthouse, but it’s much more advanced than the brown paper bags they used to use when I was a paperboy!)

Anyway for some reason the course got me thinking about the courses that I’d like to do. Unfortunately I don’t think that any of them exist… (if you know different let me know…)

So here’s my five:

  1. Doodling for success – regardless of how good your drawing skills everyone can doodle, learn how to harness your inner doodler to illustrate any idea that might be lurking in your brain so that people immediately get your point.
  2. Making little films – how to use bog standard video editing software to make movies that are interesting and don’t look rubbish.
  3. Making music that sounds like other music – in this course we deconstruct and reconstruct classic genres of music and show you what makes rock rocky, dance music dancey, and so on…
  4. Interior design for the timid – get over your fear of DIY and painting stuff so that you’re comfortable using your home as a creative canvas.
  5. Hypnosis for selling – forget about tricky pitches, learn to hypnotise clients into buying the things you really want to do.

I think they’re all courses that are teachable and I’d definitely pay good money for any of them.

I’m starting a real ‘Drawing Skills’ class on Saturday in the hope that I can end up with some degree of (1).

What would you like to learn?